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Woombie 0-18m Grow with Me Swaddle

Woombie 0-18m Grow with Me Swaddle

An expandable swaddle sleepsack?! You have to take a look at the Woombie Grow With Me 5-stage swaddle + wearable blanket that covers your growing baby from 0-9 months and even up to 18 months with the addition of an extended length!


Air - contain mesh panels for ventilation

Stage One: Swaddle for = 0-3 Months/5-13 lbs

For babies 20+ inches long. Place baby inside of swaddle and simply zip from the bottom all the way to the top.

Stage Two: Swaddle+ for 2-4 Months/12-16 lbs.

For babies 22+ inches long. Unzip swaddle 2/3 way to opposite bottom corner. Expands 1.25" and adds 4" in length.

Stage Three: Expanded Swaddle for 3-6 Months/14-19 lbs

For babies 24+ inches long. Fully unzip swaddle with babies arms remaining inside for the same comforting touch. Swaddle increases over 3" in width and 4-8" in length.

Stage Four: Wearable Blanket for 6-9 Months/20-25 lbs.

For babies 24+ inches long. With swaddle fully unzipped, open arm snaps on the sides to allow for "arms-free" sleep, transforming the swaddle into a warm and cozy wearable blanket. BONUS

Stage Five: XL Wearable Blanket for 9-18 Months/20-28 lbs

For babies 27-33 inches long. Fabric on the bottom of the swaddle lengthens to grow with your baby!


Made of cotton spandex

The First Swaddle That Expands with Baby to Hit Every Milestone, Lasting up to 18 months!

No More Need for Purchasing Multiple Items, Now You'll Have One From Birth - 18 Months

Safe, Smart, and Super Effective

Fabric is Stretchy, Light, and Breathable

To Cocoon Baby and Mimic Care Givers Touch

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