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Mother-ease Duo Diaper Kit

Mother-ease Duo Diaper Kit

The One Size Wizard Duo fits from 10 to 35 lbs. You can begin your cloth diapering journey once your baby fits into the One Size Wizard Duo at 10 lbs which will give you the most economical option as you only have one investment into your cloth diaper stash.


Kit Includes:

- 20 Unbleached Cotton Terry Inserts. Naturally absorbent, quick-drying cotton with a special polyester core for added durability and shrinkage control! Absorbency: 250 - 340 ml

- 4 Stay Dry - Night Time Inserts. 100% polyester with moisture-wicking technology keeps your baby comfortable and dry even in a saturated diaper! Our most durable and longest lasting fabric! No absorbent boosters needed - just snap in and change 12+ hours later without any leaks!Absorbency: 425 - 500 ml

- 6 Duo Snap In Covers (Patterns will very)

  • Return Policy & Warranty

    Final Sale. Mother-ease handles their own warranties with valid proof of purchase. Visit for more info

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