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Frida Post Partum Support Binder

Frida Post Partum Support Binder

Give your insides some backup with the Postpartum Abdominal Support Binder. Designed with 3 adjustable straps to provide your core compression where you need it - so you can get moving after delivery whether by c-section or vaginal. Sit up, stand and sneeze without feeling like your insides are going to slip out!

CORE SUPPORT: Each strap can be tightened as much or as little to support where you need it most.

FLEXIBLE: Promotes mobility and movement with support

SIZE and MATERIAL: Outer fabric is made of keep-cool mesh, while inner fabric is a soft knit jersey. Fit ranges 29" - 46" waist size.

MOM MADE: Designed for post-op c-section or vaginal delivery - easy to self-adjust.

CARE: Wash by hand in cold water and hang to dry.

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