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Flow ‘n’ Fill Spout - Yookidoo

Flow ‘n’ Fill Spout - Yookidoo

This award winning spout makes bath-time the highlight of the day! Complete with stackable tumblers that spin, spray, and sprinkle without wasting water, it entertains and captivates your child’s imagination as they get clean.

Get ready for a spout full of fun by easily attaching the battery-operated Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout to the side of the tub with the blue pump suspended in the bath water.

Designed especially for budding gross motor skills, press on the large, silly-eyed diver button to start the flow of water and hours of fun in the tub.

Place each of the three bath tumblers under the stream to experience their different straining and spraying effects.

Stack the tumblers and watch with delight as the water runs through them all.

Watch the water spin the propeller and try to stop it with your finger.

Place the float friend in the tumbler and fill it with water for a silly game of peek-a- boo.

Block the water stream with your finger and prepare to get wet as the crazy sprinkler begins squirting water instead.

Let your child fill and spill water into the bath and on their body, moving the swivel arm from side to side and trying to activate the tumblers.

Store the tumblers on the swivel arm to dry up and get ready for another exciting bath tomorrow.

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