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Weanmeister Freezer Pod

Weanmeister Freezer Pod

Making your own baby food is the cheapest solution and most importantly it gives you peace of mind that your baby is getting the most nutritious start in life.
freezer pods will save you time and money
With our flexible silicone freezer pods, you will be able to quickly and easily pop out the frozen food and have it ready to serve in seconds!

Food pops out easily-won’t snap like plastic
Nine ideal portion sizes for baby: 9×75 ml = 675 ml
100% baby safe, no BPA or phthalates
silicone is durable and will not scratch and scuff like plastic
can be used in the oven up to 240°c
bacteria-resistant, due to its non-porous nature
clip-on lid – makes it easily stackable and prevents freezer burn
extra support underneath = extremely sturdy (unlike silicone muffin trays) – no spillage
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