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Olive & Fig Bath Soak

Olive & Fig Bath Soak

Locally made Bath Soak to rest and relax!

With a mix of aromatherapy and healing herbs these bath soaks will have you feeling relaxed in no time.

Add 1/4 cup directly to warm bath or using a reusable tea bag, infuser or tie in a cloth square to infuse bath.

450g bag

Lavender: epsom salt, sea salt, lavender, calendula, lavender oil

Citrus: epsom salt, sea salt, calendula, citrus rind, grapefruit oil, lemon oil

Eucalyptus: epsom salt, sea salt, peppermint leaf, calendula, eucalyptus oil

Spiced Chai: epsom salt, sea salt, ginger, anise, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, orange oil

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