M’ami Harmony Ball

M’ami Harmony Ball

Harmony Pendants are worn low on the belly during pregnancy and tightened up around the neck postpartum. The familiar jangle will be soothing to baby. 

M’AMI® Classic Collection Harmony Ball is a refined pendant for pregnant women made in 925 silver plated copper.
Thanks to its three fun colored lanyards in each pack, moms can enjoy changing the colors of the lanyards depending on their clothing, the gender of their baby or simply on their mood.

Each pack contains:
•1 Harmony Ball (diameter: 20mm) - 925 silver plated copper.
•1 heart shape charm with M’AMI® logo - 925 silver plated copper.
•3 cotton lanyards in 3 different colours: black, fuchsia and delicate blue (length: 110 cm each)


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