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Kustom Kitties Montessori Chopper Set

Kustom Kitties Montessori Chopper Set

*wood colours will vary

These toddler choppers are the best thing for having your little one help out in the kitchen. Made of hardwood and sanded smooth, the chopper is built for little hands to use on soft foods. Wood finished with mineral oil and beeswax makes it food and baby safe!

Each chopper comes with a toddler sized cutting board so little Timmy can help mum and dad make supper! Cause, as we all know, kids learn best when you model behaviour for them!

The cutting boards come with lifetime refinishing warranties so your child can give that board to their children when the time comes.

Each chopper and board is coated with a layer of mineral oil and beeswax to be completely food safe. After each use, just wipe off with a damp cloth.

These toys are built by Quinn from Kustom Kitties Canada, a special education teacher based in Southey, Saskatchewan! Can you get more local than that?

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