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Chewable Charms Magic Teething Wand

Chewable Charms Magic Teething Wand

The most practical teether there is! Chewable Charm Magic Teething Wands are textured with 5 different textures. Textures are perfect for all teether stages, first tooth thru back molars.

Magic Teething Wand Size is 8 inches.


Food Grade Silicone

BPA Free + 100% non-toxic materials.


All products are made with secure knots. Give your item a small tug each time before use to ensure it is secure.

Adults & ages 4+ may be able to break with force, baby use only.

Do not leave unattended while baby is in carseat or sleeping.

Made in the USA, using USA made materials + imported materials.

Discontinue use at first signs of wear of all item. Buyer assumes all responsibility.

Care + Upkeep

Easily cleaned with soap and hot water.

Spot clean only and do not submerge in water.

Wipe and dry off drool as soon as possible to save the durability and quality of product.

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