BeginAgain Hide & Solve Treasure Puzzle

The Hide & Solve Treasure puzzle is a new twist on treasure hunt games that makes solving a puzzle an adventure! Hide the puzzle pieces along with a series of clue tickets and send little explorers on a quest for pieces of an ancient golden mask. A piece of the treasure can be anywhere from “on a chair” or “in the kitchen” to “where you see outside” or “where the books are stored”. The options are endless making each hunt a new experience to discover and piece together!  The treasure puzzle is made of eco-friendly rubberwood and comes with 10 pieces and 200 clue tickets. Ages 3+
Perfect for indoor or outdoor active play
Builds large motor, spatial relationship and problem solving skills as kids must solve the clue and then build the puzzle
Natural wooden toy is hand-crafted from sustainable rubberwood and non-toxic inks


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