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With Kim Smith
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Kim is on location at Groovy Mama Monday afternoons. She offers:

25 minute Appointment: This option is best for families who need quick prenatal planning, emotional support or have a few general questions. Cost $45

50 minute Appointment: This is a longer session for families who want to do some prenatal planning, need some emotional support or have a few general questions. It is also appropriate for ongoing latch checks for existing clients. Cost $65



With Johanna Goetz
Childbirth Educator and Doula

Johanna is on location at Groovy Mama on Fridays. She offers:

Private Breastfeeding Class:

Can't make one of the group breastfeeding classes? We offer a private class as well! We will cover breastfeeding positions, latch, common challenges, building a support network, and more! 

1 hour 30 minutes Cost $80

Planning a Cesarean Private Class:

This class is specifically geared towards families planning for a cesarean birth. Whether it is your first cesarean or you are planning a repeat cesarean and you want to create a more personal experience we have you covered! In this class, we will cover what is involved in a cesarean, your potential options, and postpartum recovery! Prairie Legacy Family Services provides the support you deserve and you deserve a class tailored to your birth experience! Support people are welcome to join.

2 hours Cost $80

Birth Planning:

Have a CAPPA Certified Labour Doula aide you in creating a birth plan. We will go through all of your options. The birth plan will cover potential inductions, labour, vaginal birth, cesarean birth and immediate postpartum. You can take the completed plan on paper with you or I can email you a beautifully edited version that you can print and use immediately.

1 hour Cost $50

Postpartum Planning Mini Session:

So much time goes into planning birth. Often we neglect postpartum planning. As a CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula with experience helping families navigate common postpartum challenges I will help you create a plan for postpartum! We will chat about how to create the best postpartum experience for you and your newest addition.

30 minutes Cost $30

Breastfeeding Support:

Have questions about breastfeeding? If you are trying to work out some minor breastfeeding challenges and want some tips and direction this session will meet those needs. Included will be referrals if the challenges are beyond my training and abilities. I encourage you to email or call 1-306-963-7537 before booking. This way we can have a brief discussion about your breastfeeding concerns. This is to help you avoid booking if your breastfeeding challenge is out of my scope.

30 min Cost $30, 60 min Cost $50

Doula Interview:

Are you considering adding a labour or postpartum doula to your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum experience? I would be happy to meet you for an interview! This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about what doula support looks like!

1 hour Free

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